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THE CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY BEING ABOLISHED! The CSA is being wound down, and no longer accepts new assessments for child maintenance. Work formerly undertaken by the CSA is now done by the Child Maintenance Service but they are urging separated parents to enter into 'voluntary' arrangements if at all possible. Clients should be aware that there is a new fees & charges regime operated by the CMS and that this can have serious financial impacts on those who pay maintenance, and also those parents who receive it. This new regime will apply to existing CSA users as and when their own case is transferred to the CMS - this is due to happen by 2017 at the latest. Further information - and basic calculations - can be obtained via cmoptions.org or by calling the CMS on 0800 988 0988. Clients should note that Kiveton Park Advice Centre are happy to provide advice and guidance on this issue.  

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Maltby Drop In Update

Maltby Drop In

Maltby drop in will now be open from 21st August with a new time of 12 till 2 every Tuesday 

Co-op Membership Fund

We are delighted that many local residents have nominated us to receive support via the Co-op Membership Fund. This support, which amounted to £4600, for our centre is very much appreciated - we are very grateful to all those involved in this initiative. Thank you!